Do you need help setting up a new PC? Making changes to your firewall? Need help with purchasing a new server and getting it set up? No Problem, ATG has you covered! We have a deep understanding of various server and desktop Operating Systems and all types of hardware and software systems. We have experience on a vast array of firewalls, copiers, printers, network time clocks and other types of networked equipment.

Do you need adjustments made to your phone system or need new handsets installed and configured? At ATG we can work on various VoIP phone systems and help support and maintain yours. We're also a reseller of the very popular and dependable "SwitchVOX" VoIP phone systems. SwitchVOX systems offer lots of functionality, extreme reliability, and come in at a price point that may surprise you. Ask about our SwitchVOX offerings today!

Do you need help with purchasing new hardware and software? Figuring out what type of PC, Server or software to buy? ATG can help you determine the correct system for your needs and then help procure what you need and at very competitive rates that are often lower than the online retailers. We work with worldwide distributors just as the retailers do and often beat their pricing, or least match them.

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Are you in the market for a cloud based backup? One that is fast and secure? Carbonite offers one of the best in the industry. They have multiple high speed and redundant Data Centers around the country that store your data securely with encryption. We have partnered with Carbonite to offer reduced pricing back to our customers. They offer a multitude of business plans that cover an array of cloud backup scenarios.

Having an issue with your PC? Do you have an application freezing or not responding? Spyware invading your system and slowing you down? Let ATG try and help, remotely! We can connect to your PC across the Internet and try and resolve your issues immediately using the industry standard GoToAssist. We can possibly get your issues resolved faster and save time and money in the process. Remote Help is a click away!

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